What makes Complyfile better than other alternatives?

Ease of use: Beautiful and easy to use you can interact with your information in a simple and meaningful way.

Flexibility and control: Complyfile gives you flexibility and control over your data.

Security and convenience: your Complyfile gives you both security and convenience. Complyfile Analytics through your reports gives you meaningful insights into your data, not leaving you to work things out for yourself.

What makes the Complyfile team different is our Mission and Values:

Our people and the way we do business are what set COMPLYfile apart. We operate our business with the goal of empowering volunteer managers and fostering the cultural thinking required to deliver the best results for our customers.

Our business is built on relationships. With a goal to stay true to our core values, we continue to build and maintain our relationships through superior performance, ongoing investment into technology and people, a quality service and customer delight.

Our mission is to create a better experience for those that do the thankless task of recruiting new volunteers into an organisation – the unsung heroes and heroines that are volunteer managers. We strive to create tools and products that can be easily and effective used on the front lines of volunteer recruitment.

Our values are driven by a desire to improve the delivery of volunteer recruitment, achieve technological excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

We strive to create tools and products that can be easily and effective used on the front lines of volunteer recruitment.

Having said all that – and our marketing team said it was very important that we did - there are also undeniably a bunch of other good ways of managing your volunteer recruitment processes. All of them have pluses and minuses going for them but then hey, that's life!

All of them are about getting the job done. None of them are right or wrong; it's about you finding the best fit for you and your own organisation.

Some of the alternatives include:

A fabulous data-retentive photographic memory. Some people have one of these and don't need to record things! They're like the kid in class who always knew the answer, never had to revise, always came top and, worst of all, were really nice as well. Well, suffice to say, we were never that kid!

Pay someone a monthly salary to get the job done. Get a A* HR professional on board and you'll be delighted you did so. As they say, 'if you think paying a professional costs a lot, you should see what it costs you to employ an amateur!'.

Use a really organised paper filing system, that has worked for many organisations over the years. Invest in some top notch filing cabinets, file sleeves, file dividers, name label holders, paper labels, files and decent 90gsm paper, printers, ink supplies, envelopes and stationery. Ideally you'll have secure organisation office to which only limited people have access. Either way, this is a brilliant way to manage things.

Use Microsoft Excel – there's a reason Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on the planet. Bill Gates had a vision to help ordinary people by delivering extraordinary software to people through their personal computers. Microsoft's Excel continues to be the standard-bearer for spreadsheet applications compatible with Windows, Max OS X and iOS. You get feature calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro progamming language called Visial Basic for Applications. Neat!

Use cloud-based spreadsheets – if you think Microsoft was a visionary in spreadsheets, Google has done some groundbreaking work in leveraging cloud services to enable ordinary people, like you and me, to have our spreadsheets in the Cloud (in fact Microsoft do this as well now). Anyone who's used a Gmail, Outlook or other similar account, knows the power of the web-based functionality they have. Arguably a step up from step up from Excel spreadsheets based on your computer.

Use another cloud-based volunteer recruitment tool – in fact you won't go far wrong if you check out the list compiled by the good people at Capterra.com, who make it their job to report on business software.

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