Why do you offer a free trial?

We want to show you the value of COMPLYfile platform, so you can see for yourself how much easier it"s going to make your job of recruiting new volunteers into your organisation ~ we reckon 30 days should do the job. During those 30 days we want to help you use our software, and get to know our team ~ and you can then decide if we"d be a good fit to to partner with your own organisation.

Complyfile works because you organizations trust Complyfile to manage their volunteer recruitment process.

Trust is at the core of so many volunteer recruitment activities:

  • your board and stakeholders trust that you're recruiting new volunteers the way your procedures say you should;
  • your applicants trust that you look after their applications as if it were your own

And at Complyfile, our job is earn your trust hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and as our partnership extends over time, year by year.

So we start by asking you to trust us that we can convince you of the value of you creating your own Complyfile.

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