How do I send an SMS to a volunteer?

To send an SMS (text message) to a volunteer whose details are already in your Complyfile database, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Admin dashboard.
  2. In the top left of your screen you'll see your Toolbox. Click the 'Send SMS' button.
  3. From the list of drop-downs, select 'Send SMS to Volunteer'.
  4. A pop-up screen will appear called 'Send SMS to Volunteer'.
  5. In the 'To' field, type the name of an existing volunteer in your database. As you type, the names of closely matching volunteer will automatically appear. Select your recipient. The mobile / cell number will then automatically pre-populate in the 'Mobile' field below.
  6. You can only use this Send SMS to Volunteer feature to, guess what, send an SMS to a volunteer (already in your database). If the person's name doesn't appear in the 'To' field, check their status: is the person you want to email in fact an applicant or a referee (i.e. not a volunteer)? If so, follow the steps in Send SMS to Applicant or read Why can't I send a SMS to a referee?
  7. Complete the rest of the fields and when you're ready, press 'Send'.
  8. If you change my mind before sending, just press 'Close' and the SMS pop-up window will close and the SMS will not be created.
  9. Scroll down your Admin dashboard. The most recent item in your History list will note the date and time and SMS that you've just sent.

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