What is the History section for?

On your Admin Dashboard you'll see a section entitled 'History'.

The History section in your Complyfile creates a record of all actions taken through the software.

It's essentially an audit trail of most actions you do and that is done through your Complyfile.

It's a neat way of quickly seeing what's recently been going on, and has the added benefit of introducing another level of accountability into your systems as it's an unalterable record of recent activity carried out on your Complyfile.

Can I search my History section?


  • Scroll down your Dashboard till you reach the History section.
  • On the right hand side, you will see a symbol that looks a little like a 'funnel' or 'sieve' you might use in your kitchen.
  • Click the 'funnel' symbol.

In the box that appears:

  • Search by typing the name of the volunteer.
  • If you want to, you can select the date period to search against (this is optional).
  • Press 'Search'

History - Search Result

This is an example of a Search result:

Press the 'Reset' button to clear the Search facility.

Note that for an actual view of the Audit Trail of emails and SMS sent to a person, you can access this from by following the instructions in this help article here: How do I manage my volunteers?

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