How do I create a volunteer category?

It's useful if you can sort your volunteers into different categories (or buckets).

How is a Volunteer Category useful?

Well, it lets you get a better view of where the main focus is of a group of your volunteers.

Want to differentiate one group of volunteers from another? You've come to the right place.

Adding a volunteer category has lots of uses, too.

  • You can give Admin rights to someone in your organisation.
  • And you can limit their access rights to only those people with the same volunteer category they have.
  • Let's say your organisation has two different types of volunteer. e.g. Category A and Category B. You have an Administrator for Category A, who isn't responsible for Category B (and vice-versa).
  • If you assign volunteers to a particular Category, and then an Administrator also to only that Volunteer Category, the Administrator will only have access to people in their assigned Category (this is also known as Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)).

Another good outcome is you can then filter the view of your volunteers by a Volunteer Category, enabling you to see them all in the one place.

It's simple to create a volunteer category.
  • Go to your Organisation Settings page (from the gearwheel in the top right of your page)
  • Scroll down to Volunteer Categories
  • Click the big + button
  • Type in the name you want to use, and press save.
Check out this 90 second video for a quick tutorial:

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