How to auto-delete a Pending Email Invite

Manual Deletion of a Pending Email Invite

Currently to delete someone’s Pending Email Invite an Administrator:

  • deletes it with two clicks from the To Do dashboard; or
  • deletes the person’s record from Manage Volunteers. (The Administrator navigates to their name in the volunteer list. Then they click the + button, click delete, and click the confirmation message).

The upside of this approach is it gives manual control to the Administrator.

The downside is that, when there's a large number of Pending Invites, it can take some time to delete people.

It also takes concentration to work out which ones to delete.

Pending Email Invite Auto-Deletion

The Pending Email Invite Auto-Deletion functionality allows for the automated deletion of a person’s Pending Email Invite. Check out this 90 second video on how to enable the functionality:

  • It can be useful to delete from your Complyfile people who haven't completed the Email Invite. Especially for GDPR purposes.
  • You're basically saying that you're giving a defined window of time (e.g. 30 days) in which you expect them to complete the Email Invite volunteer application form.
  • This keeps your Pending Invites section in the To Do area pretty up to date and current. It also clears people off your system who haven't gotten round to filling in the volunteer application form. (For whatever reason that may be).
  • This will assist administrators in time savings, sorting the wheat from the chaff.
  • The effects of dealing with time-wasting applications should reduce.

How it works

The Pending Email Invite Auto-Deletion functionality works like this:

- If the volunteer form (embedded in the Pending Email Invite) isn't completed after [X] days

- Then the system auto-deletes that person from your Complyfile

- Creating a History Record on the home page of the app, and on the Administrator's page too (where an Email Invite was triggered manually by an individual Administrator).

Note that Complyfile won't send a system email to either the Administrators or the Volunteer that auto-deletion has taken place.

If you want to give potential volunteers the heads up that you're only allowing them e.g. 30 days before you delete from the system, all you need to do is simply to edit the text of the initial email that accompanies the Email Invite.

You can then just add some text to confirm that auto-deletion will take place if the person doesn’t complete the form [X] days after they first received their Email Invite. (You get to decide the number of days).

How to enable the functionality

Important note: Which Pending Email Invites does the functionality apply to?

Note that the functionality only applies to brand new Email Invites

  • sent after 7 July 2020
  • and where an organisation has enabled the functionality 
  • Email Invites issued or re-sent prior to 7 July 2020 are not affected by this functionality. So you'll need to manually delete any Email Invites you want to that were originally sent before 7 July 2020.

(7 July 2020 is the date on which this functionality became generally available for Complyfile organisations to adopt if they choose.

It is therefore the date after which the system can track the date an Email Invite is sent in the first place, allowing the system to count back and auto-delete from that date when the functionality is enabled).

  • Navigate to your Organisation Setting page
  • Scroll down the page till you reach the panel called Pending Email Invite Auto-Deletion
  • To enable the functionality, check the blank unchecked box

  • Choose how many days you want to wait before auto-deleting the Pending Email Invite (use the up/down arrow or type in your preferred number)

  • Click the Update button

  • Check the History Records on the home page of the Application that the saves reflect what you did

  • Once you have enabled the functionality, each morning at roughly 7am the system will run a check. The check will see
    • how many days back to check to see when an Email Invite was first sent (for Email Invites issued after 7 June 2020) - this is the days setting you choose that the system checks back (e.g. 30 days)
    • If it finds an Email Invite that 
      • originally sent after 7 July 2020
      • And it's now 30 days since the date it was first sent
      • the system will auto-delete that Email Invite from your Complyfile
      • a History Record will appear on the home page of the application, and on an Administrator's page

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