How does an Administrator opt in or opt out of Email Notifications?

Take control of your Notification Preferences

Opt in, opt out, it's up to you

The person who opens up your Complyfile account is known as your primary administrator.

That person has their Notification Preferences set so that their checkbox is pre-ticked to 'Receive email updates'.

This is because the system requires a minimum of one administrator to receive system notifications.

Once a secondary administrator is added, the administrators can choose to opt in or out of email notifications. (So long as at least one administrator is opted in to receive one of the email notifications).

To opt in or out

Do this:

  • go the Administrator's profile page
  • scroll down to the Security section
  • To receive emails, check the 'Receive email updates' checkbox
  • To opt out of receiving email updates, ensure that the 'Receive email updates' box is not ticked
  • If you have chosen to receive email updates, you can decide which of the emails to opt into or out of, under the 'Notification Preferences' section beneath the Security panel.

In all cases, you must ensure that you click the 'Submit' button at the foot of the page, to save your changes.

You should see a confirmation message pop up in the top left hand corner of your screen to confirm that your changes have been saved.

History Records

You will see a history record for any change you make. This history record will appear in 3 places:

  1. on the page of the person whose Notification Preferences you change
  2. on the page of the Administrator who makes the change
  3. on the home page of your Complyfile

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