VAT overview

All accounts with European Union (EU) business addresses are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT).

Accounts with "Business" tax status and a valid VAT ID are entitled to tax benefits as per applicable tax laws for the country as mentioned in Business Address listed for the account.

"Business" tax status, with an address outside Ireland

If you choose Business and your business address is outside Ireland:

  • Fill in your valid VAT ID.
  • We won't add VAT charges to your account. Instead, you'll be responsible for self-assessing and paying VAT at your EU member state's local rate. This is in accordance with article EU VAT Directive 2006/112/EC.

However, please note this only applies if you give us a valid VAT ID.

We don't have a VAT ID

If you don't have a VAT ID then:

  • Your account will be subjected to standard VAT charges in the country of your business registration.
  • We'll add VAT to your costs before you're charged.

Think you've been incorrectly charged VAT?

If you think you've been incorrectly charged VAT, let us know. We'll review your account and, if appropriate, apply to your account a credit for any VAT that had been incorrectly paid.

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