Is Complyfile for me?

Well, Complyfile isn't for everyone.

Our mission is:

to create a better experience for those that do the thankless task of recruiting new volunteers into an organisation – the unsung heroes and heroines that are volunteer managers. We strive to create tools and products that can be easily and effective used on the front lines of volunteer recruitment.

Happily, a lot of organisations are fortunate to be sufficiently well-financed and resourced to be able to employ skilled, salaried permanent human resource managers. There are a host of recruitment offerings for such organisations; usually priced accordingly in a very commercial B2B environment.

But we're not one of them.

We want to help the grassroots organisations who can't afford to employ HR managers, and who manage to deliver life-changing and community-changing outcomes to their users and stakeholders, and do so while working within limited financial constraints.

We want to help people who bravely step into the breach, who carry the flag and offer to help manage their organisation's volunteer recruitment tasks; an often thankless, unseen, unacknowledged job. These people are our heroes, our heroines, and they're why Compylfile exists and they're who we're here to serve.

So who are Complyfilers?

Complyfilers are people like you: primary school teachers; firefighters; lawyers; club administrators; hospital co-ordinators; festival organisers.

These are the ordinary people who do extraordinary things in our communities across the world, and who make the difference between a life seen in black and white, and a life seen in multi-colour; who ask us not only to walk through the valleys, but inspire us to aim for the mountain-tops.

Examples of Complyfile customer sectors include:


Art camps




Pre-School and Kindergarterns

Primary/Elementary Schools

Secondary/High Schools

Colleges and Universities



Care facilities

Nursing homes

Faith-Based Groups

Sunday Schools





Credit Unions

Community Savings Centres

Sport & Leisure

Any sports club

Leisure Facilities

Charities & Non-Governmental Organisations

Addiction rehabilitation centres

Outreach programmes

Community organisations

Night / Homeless shelters

Soup kitchens

Overseas charity placements / expeditions

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