Do you release new features often?

Yes. Every day's a school day for Complyfile – we want to learn, learn, learn. Complyfile was born out of a desire to kill the pain involved in volunteer administrators struggling to manage the overwhelming paperwork required to comply with organizational volunteer recruitment requirements.

So we constantly strive to learn about what works in Complyfile for our customers, and what needs tweaking, and what features customers think might be superfluous to their requirements. Complyfile is a continuous conversation between our customers and the Complyfile team, as we endeavour to align what you need with what we can provide.

Let us know about a feature you're interested in seeing in your Complyfile.

But we're going to be completely honest with you from the outset. We rarely say yes to new feature requests. If we did, we'd be overwhelmed with new features, creating a cumbersome complex piece of software that becomes very tricky to use. Ultimately we check all feature requests against our Mission and Vision.

We look at all feature requests taking these factors into consideration:

  • Customer demand - is there a sufficient level of demand for this feature? Is that demand being generated by paying customers of Complyfile? or organisations on a free trial? Or is it coming from the Complyfile team? All sources of feature requests are important to Complyfile.
  • Technical difficulty - what are the technical challenges and costs involved in implementing this feature?
  • Business demand - what impact will this have on the Complyfile business?
  • We prioritise the most popular feature requests for consideration by the Complyfile product development team
  • Internal stakeholders decide on feature priority
  • We make a call about what we consider is right for our users
  • We consider the impact the feature request will have on how many users
  • We consider the impact that rolling out the feature request will have on all other areas of the business (in terms of time and money diverted from other activities)

We want the Complyfile software to be as powerful as it can be while retaining a simplicity of design and experience. So for every new feature request we have to assess the benefits of the new feature with the downside of potentially having more complex software. Implementing a new feature involves not only developing the feature but also:

  • Testing it
  • Documenting it
  • Checking how it works in the user's interface
  • Assessing any changes needed in our help and support systems
  • Considering its impact on our on-boarding processes
  • Changes that may need to be made the Complyfile website

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