How Complyfile keeps your data safe

We cover the basics here and then do a deep dive into our overall security design.

The short version is that your data is very safe in Complyfile.

We use strong passwords, salted hashing of passwords, we recommended 2 factor authentication signs in, have designed in-built audit trails, employ data encryption; and more.

We use the industry leading cloud based software built and managed by Microsoft, called the Microsoft Azure platform. Check out below how Microsoft helps COMPLYfile keep your data safe.

Security and convenience

We often hear people say that there is a trade-off between security and convenience. Although there is some truth to that, more often than not security actually requires convenience.

First and foremost, Complyfile's job it to keep your data secure. But we also need to give you quick, convenient access to your data.

If you are a Complyfile user, you have first-hand experience that security and convenience can coexist. In fact, our design goal here at Complyfile has always been to make it easier to behave securely than to behave insecurely.

Your data is yours

You own your data. It's common sense if you think about it.

You're in full control of your data.

Import, export, upload, don't upload, your data is yours to do with it what you choose.

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