How does an Organisation Administrator update the contact email address of a person providing a character reference?

In their volunteer application form, an Applicant provides a contact email address of a person who's indicated that they're willing to provide a character reference on behalf of the Applicant.

Sometimes it turns out that the referee would like to be contacted on an email address different from the one supplied by the Applicant on their volunteer application form.

To update ('change') the email address used to contact the person providing the character reference, take the following steps:

Access the volunteer's Profile Page & scroll down to the Referee section

Remember, you can view an Applicant's profile page 1 of 3 ways.

Locate the Referees section on their Profile Page

Click the name of the character reference, to access the page with the details of the character reference

To update the referee's email address, put your mouse in the text field that currently displays the referee's email address. 

Delete the existing referee contact email address

Type in the new address

Click Update Email

Record created

Record automatically created of the change made by the Organisation Administrator

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