How do I use my To-Do list?

You've gone to your To-Do list in your Admin dashboard. You can see some playing card shapes with names on them. We call these your Profile Cards.

Here's a quick 2 minute overview of your To Do List:

Here's your To-Do list:

Want to progress your Screening jobs?

Click a Profile Card for one of the applicants in that panel, and you'll get taken direct to that applicant's Profile Page.Once on the applicant's Profile Page you can take a number of actions.

You'll now see the Profile Page for that applicant (in this case, Jeremy Fisher):

Now scroll down the Profile Page for Jeremy Fisher and you'll see the Status panel for the Applicant.

The Status panel has a Card for each of the steps that you've previously indicated are part of your organisation's volunteer recruitment processes (for more see Governance of your Organisation).

As you're looking to Screen Jeremy Fisher's application to your organisation, click on Mr. Fisher's Screening Card:

This is the screen that will pop up, where you can take various actions like Scheduling when you want to screen the form if you're busy today, or record the date you take an action. Also in the drop-down Action field you can select if you decided to simply acknowledge receipt of the application, if you decided to screen the application and progress it; or screen the application and reject it, letting the applicant know:

For details on how to record actions you take from this stage, see Steps in Your Volunteer Recruitment Processes and select the step in your process that you want to explore.

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