How can I update my contact details?

Where to go

If you're a volunteer, please log into your account.

If you're an Administrator:

  • Log Iin your Dashboard, go to the Settings gearwheel in the top right of your screen.
  • Select the dropdown link, 'Settings for [your name]'.

Then, simply, to edit the contact details you want to update, and press 'Submit'.

Changing your mobile number

If you're updating your registered mobile phone number:-

  • Go to your profile page
  • Delete the mobile number you want to change
  • Type in your new mobile numberchange your mobile number
  • Press ‘Submit’ at the foot of the form, and
  • Before you log out, check the new number saved correctly. This is important as we don't currently ask you to put it in a second time. It's up to you to ensure you've typed it correctly.

We then suggest:

  • you log out and
  • log back in and check that the PIN code correctly goes to your newly saved number. Type it in and check you can log back in ok.

Any issues please drop us a line.

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