How to change the status of a volunteer

You can change the status of a volunteer from their profile page.

  • Simply navigate to their profile page
  • Scroll down to Profile Settings
  • Locate the Status field
  • Change the Status field to the one you want


  • Active: a volunteer who has gone through the recruitment process and been approved at 'Board Decision'. They are now considered a full Volunteer.
  • Applicant: someone going through the volunteer process, i.e. someone who is applying and is not yet approved (Active). Once approved, Status changes automatically to 'Active'
  • Expression of Interest: someone who has expressed interest via a website.
  • Inactive: this status happens only when an Administrator gives a volunteer this status i.e. changes them from Active to Inactive. .
    • Inactive volunteers are removed from the To Do engine on the home page of the dashboard.
    • They no longer appear automatically in the list of volunteers under Manage Volunteers. They are hidden from view. To show a list of Inactive volunteers, under Manage Volunteers, select 'Inactive' under the Status tab and click Search
    • Note that on the CSV file you can download from Reports, Inactive volunteers will no longer appear on the Compliance Report.
    • However, if you filter for Inactive volunteers under the Personal Details tab, their details will appear there.
  • Rejected: a volunteer who has been rejected during the recruitment process i.e. cleared from the To Do dashboard by an Administrator clicking the X button at one of the To Do stages.
  • Suspended: this is to suspend a volunteer's access from their profile page (so they temporarily cannot log in). It's a rare Status and one which Complyfile is phasing out.

The main statuses are therefore:

  • Active
  • Inactive

A manual change of status by an Administrator should also create a History Record recording the change made:

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