How do I import my CSV file of volunteers?

First, make sure that you've created a CSV file with the names of your existing volunteers you want to upload into your Complyfile.

(If you haven't created your CSV file for uploading yet, please read this help article here, which walks you through the process. Then, come back to this help article and complete the steps below).

Then, once you have that list, go to your dashboard. Click Toolkit > Manage > Upload Volunteers.

Next, simply drag the file you saved and drop it onto the area indicated

Drag and drop in Volunteer UploadIf you prefer, you can select the file using the + feature:

Clicking the + button to find your file

Your file name showingThen, press 'Upload':

You should see a message pop-up in the top left corner of your screen, telling that you've uploaded your file successfully:

Pop up message

On your organisation dashboard (your home page in Complyfile), you'll see that there's an automatic record of the volunteer records you've just uploaded:

History section keeps a record of the volunteers you uploaded

It also shows in the volunteer's profile page:

Volunteer profile page records upload history

Now you can decide what paper documents you want to scan and upload the volunteer profiles you just created. 

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