Data Privacy in Azure

Microsoft recognizes that cloud services raise unique privacy challenges for businesses. That is why it implements strong privacy protections in Azure services and makes commitments to safeguard the privacy of customer data. In addition, Microsoft provides Complyfile with visibility into where Complyfile's customers' data resides and who has access to it.

Privacy by design

With Microsoft, and by extenstion with Complyfile, customers can expect Privacy by Design, a policy that guides how Microsoft builds products and services, how services are operated, and how internal teams are organized.

Contractual commitments

Microsoft is unique among major cloud service providers in providing cloud-service specific privacy statements and making strong contractual commitments to safeguard customer data and protect privacy.

Control over data location

For Complyfile, knowing and controlling the location of our customers' data is an important element of Complyfile's data privacy compliance and governance. Complyfile can specify the geographic areas where our customers' data is stored. Data may be replicated within a geographic area for redundancy, but will not be transmitted outside it. For more information, including exceptions to this policy, see the Azure Trust Center.

Restricted data access and use

Access to customer data by Microsoft personnel is restricted. Complyfile data is only accessed when necessary to support the customer's use of Azure. This may include troubleshooting aimed at preventing, detecting or repairing problems affecting the operation of Azure and the improvement of features that involve the detection of, and protection against, emerging and evolving threats to the user (such as malware or spam). When granted, access is carefully controlled and logged. Strong authentication, including the use of multi-factor authentication, helps limit access to authorized personnel only. Access is revoked as soon as it is no longer needed.

No use for advertising

Azure does not share Customer Data with its advertiser-supported services, nor is customer data mined for advertising.

Complyfile is a paid-for subscription service; we deliberately have no need for, and are not answerable to, advertisers.

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