How do I assign a volunteer to a particular Role?

If you're not sure how to create your first Role, see this help article How do I create a Role? Then, come back and check out the rest of this article.

Life is often easier for an administrator when you can filter and sort through your volunteers. To help you do this in your Complyfile, you can create a number of different 'Roles' (see the help article above). These can be generic terms, or terms that are specific to your own organisation.

Now, once you've created your Roles, you may want to assign your volunteers to a particular Role. Remember, this is an internal administrative tool to make your administrator's life easier.

  • To do this, simply go to their profile page
  • In the section under Personal Details, locate the 'Role' field
  • Select the 'Role' that you want to assign to them
  • Click 'Submit' at the foot of the form
  • Check you got the 'Volunteer Updated' message pop up, and that it saved correctly

NB: We're working on enabling you to filter your view of all your Volunteers by their role, and will let you know once we've released that new functionality. For the time being, the new Role functionality described above allows you to do the heavy lifting of assigning the team to relevant Roles.

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