How do I update my volunteer application form with new character reference details?

If you’ve been asked to update your volunteer application form with details of a new character reference, please follow these instructions.

1. Log in to your Complyfile account

Log in to your account on Complyfile using the email you registered with when making your volunteer application form, and the password you created.

If you have forgotten your password, click here for instructions on how to reset it.

2. Scroll down & Update details

Once logged in, you will see a copy of the volunteer application form that you submitted to the organisation to which you were applying. Scroll down the page with your mouse:What an applicant seesYou will see the Referees section. 

Look for the Referee panel/box which is blank (no text).

WARNING: please be careful to ensure that you do not over-write details of your new Referee in the Referee box that still contains another Referee's name and email address.

Doing this will cause problems with your application! In the example below, you should complete details in the Referee #2 panel, as that's the one that is empty (this could be different in your application form, so check carefully).

Type in the details you've been asked to update (e.g. alternate email address for someone you gave as your referee on your application form that you submitted; or details of a new person willing to provide a character reference (if for example you provided someone as a reference who was related to you, when the organisation you're applying to requires references from people to whom you are not related):

Type in new referee details and click Submit

3. Check the details saved ok

You will see a little message in the top-left of your screen, which will say ‘Volunteer Updated’ if you followed the instructions successfully:

Confirmation message that volunteer details successfully updated by an applicant

4. Let the organisation know

Now, just press 'Logout' (the red button) and don't forget to email or call the administrator at the organisation you’re applying to, and let them know you’ve updated the details of one of the people willing to act as a character reference (they won't know unless you tell them!).

Log out and email / call your organisation

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