Update an expired credit card

Are you updating an expired card to lift a Complyfile billing suspension? Follow these steps instead.

If a credit card in your Complyfile billing account expires, you should update the card's expiration date in your Complyfile Admin dashboard. Otherwise, if we try to charge the card for your service, the charge will fail and your service will be at risk of being suspended for non-payment for your Complyfile service.

To update your card's expiration date:

  1. Sign into your Complyfile Admin dashboard.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Next to your subscription, choose Access billing account.
  4. At the top of your Billing page, click Billing settings.
  5. Scroll to the credit card icon, click, and you'll be taken to our financial payments provider Stripe's secure webpages.
  6. Update the expiration date and save your changes.
Card number changed? You can also update the cardholder name or the card's billing address. However, you can't change the card number. If your credit card number has changed, you must add it as a new card. Then remove the old card from your account.

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